Support the Site

Thank you very much for being interested into supporting this site. As mentioned in the topic before, this site should be useful for those who want to build real scale models. First of all, whole "series" of photoes are interesting, it's not just a distant shot of a ship, it is details which make the building of a scale model possible. I am also glad about recieving single pictures of ships, but please understand, that pictures will only be put on the site if there are enough photoes together so that a model builder can really use them. If there are only one or two pictures of every ship available, this webpage would be too huge to handle, and the original meaning of it - to give someone enough material to build a certain ship - would be lost. There are more than enough websites which show an overall view of the different types of ships, some of them are in the link list.

Because of copyright issues only photoes of which I have the explicit approval by the photographer can be published. Of course those photoes would be removed as soon as the photographer wants me to do that.

I may already say thanks to everbody who supports this site. To send an email please click on the icon below.